Micro cement

CONCRETE EFFECT for Wall & Floor decoration
Concrete Look Finish
What we can offer

Micro-cement is a continuous, joint free, decorative finish specifically designed to create or renovate interior or exterior walls and floors. Applied by hand at reduced thicknesses, Neocement finishes are real work of craftsmanship that can be personalized to fit your own style by playing with color, texture or even stencils to give any space its own unique character, making it perfect to add depth, light and harmony to homes, businesses, showrooms, restaurants or even shopping centers.

Micro cement adheres to almost all surfaces and it is commonly used to cover concrete, mortar, tile, plaster, cement, metal, stoneware, plasterboard or plastic, and other surface. Micro cement have a great finish, texture and versatility, for that he has become one of the preferred materials for interior designers.

Advantages of microcement

• Decorative coating, provides multiple options.
• Joint-less surfaces.
• Application on floors, walls, and roofs. Interior and exterior.
• Great variety of colors and textures.
• Handcrafted application. Exclusive and personalized results.
• High adhesiveness. Covers any surface: tiles, marble, stoneware, terrazzo, drywall, concrete, cement, plaster, etc.
• High resistance against usage, hits, scrapes, and chemical products.
• Waterproof.
• Nonslip, depending on finishes.
• Saves time and prevents complicated labor. No debris.
• The material’s thickness is 2/3 mm, therefore does not affect the building’s structural load.
• It is worked in an excellent manner and does not require any specific tools.
• Natural materials. Eco-friendly product.
• Easy to clean and preserve; with water and PH-neutral soap.
• Spaces free of germs and bacteria.

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